Neighbourly help

Miramar neighbourhood
Share your enthusiasm with your neighbours

Word of mouth is crucial in raising awareness and inspiring action. Together, we have the power to bring about a remarkable transformation on the Miramar Peninsula.

By simply sharing your passion with your neighbors, showcasing and exchanging plants, swapping seeds, or lending a helping hand, you can contribute to a significant and long-lasting change in the spaces around you. In return, you'll witness an increase in wildlife in your own garden and enhance the value of your property.

Greening your street

In addition to our individual gardens, green corridors run alongside roads and pathways. The Wellington Council operates a plant nursery where you can apply for suitable native plants to beautify your street. We also organize occasional volunteer days for planting and eco-sourcing.

If you're interested in making your street greener and connecting bush areas, you can apply for free eco-sourced plants from the WCC between January and March. These can be planted on road reserves and reserves adjacent to private property. You will be responsible for the planting and ongoing care, but both the WCC and our organization are happy to provide further information on planting techniques and suitable species. Please ensure that any existing weeds are removed beforehand, as they can impede the growth of the newly planted natives. Common and aggressive weeds on the Miramar Peninsula include old man's beard, banana passionfruit, morning glory, climbing asparagus, and cape ivy. Additional examples can be found in our weed finder. If you come across rare weeds such as blue passion flower, in reserves and parks or road reserves, please inform the WCC, GWRC or contact us to pass on the information. If some rare weeds are present on your property, please reach out to the GWRC or CC for advice on their removal.

Invite us over

If you need assistance in identifying invasive weeds or recognizing the beneficial native species in your garden, or if you'd like recommendations on missing native species, we are here to help. Invite us over for a friendly chat, and we can provide you with valuable advice. Best of all, it's completely free! Get in touch with us through our contact page. We offer talks to community, business groups and schools.

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